Having worked with several local governments, hospitals and educational systems since our founding, the Energy Sciences team has gained a keen understanding of the challenges that this group of clients often faces—limited budgets, shrinking staff, competing priorities and compressed schedules. Working toward the community good, these institutions may have little resources to devote to goals of energy waste reduction and indoor air quality. At Energy Sciences, we are pleased to offer our services and expertise to municipalities, medical organizations and school systems; and we consider it part of our duty as a corporate citizen and as sustainability professionals to do so.

Each project is approached with a sensitivity to both budget and schedule so that work is completed on time and according to established financial plans. We take added precautions to not disrupt existing operations and even assist with identifying funding sources like grants, tax credits and rebates. By relying on Energy Sciences, municipal and institutional clients are able to focus their attention on their primary objectives—to serve, to heal and to educate. And, the dollars we help them save through energy waste reduction can be reinvested in their operations to do more good work.

Whether it’s a facility energy assessment as a first step to rehabilitate a historic city hall, a turn-key lighting upgrade for a K-12 school, the retro-commissioning of a university’s pneumatic control system, or something more specialized like strategic capital planning for hospital autoclaves, the team of degreed engineers, licensed Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Auditors & Managers and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals at Energy Sciences can help define, manage and implement your project and deliver energy savings year after year.

From St. Louis to Detroit, from Ithaca, MO to Madison Heights, MI, from office buildings and classrooms to waste water treatment plants, we have demonstrated that government and institutional clients can depend on Energy Sciences. Contact us to find out how we can help you with:

  • Air Balancing

  • Efficient Lighting

  • Energy Education and Awareness

  • Building Tune-up/Retro-Commissioning Programs

  • Strategic Energy Management

  • Strategic Capital Planning

  • Embedded Subject Matter Experts

  • Incentive/Rebate Processing

  • Turn-Key Solutions

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