Industrial clients, those that manufacture products—whether they are intermediate or finished goods—often have production processes that are very energy intensive. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, since 2010 the amount of energy used per unit of output in the industrial sector has been declining while the number of enterprises using energy waste reduction strategies has been increasing. To help our industrial clients stay ahead of their competition, we provide them with industrial process energy services, such as Energy Mapping, Compressed Air System Audits and quality control Lighting System Design as well as facility energy services to help the ensure that the buildings housing their industrial processes are performing optimally. Since 2008, Energy Sciences has been supporting industrial customers like manufacturers of steel, paint, glass, automotive interiors and automobiles with Industrial Energy Audits and Strategic Energy Management & Planning to improve their energy performance and thus, their overall business performance.

Having begun their careers in the automotive industry, the founders of Energy Sciences fully appreciate the need for exacting standards, tight tolerances and continuous improvement. Adapting business philosophies such as Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence to the art and science of energy waste reduction, they developed the Energy Sciences SiStemTM—a comprehensive energy management process rooted in the principles of continuous improvement and problem-solving. For over a decade we have been using the ES SiStemTM to guide and support clients in improving the performance of their industrial assets.

So, whether you need to optimize a single injection molding machine, retro-commission a series of process cooling towers, develop a Sankey map to inform operational budgeting or establish a capital plan for aging equipment with degrading performance, the Energy Sciences team of degreed engineers, licensed Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Auditors & Managers and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals has the skills, knowledge and experience to design and implement an energy program or project with the necessary rigor and resiliency to meet your energy waste challenges head-on.

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  • Strategic Capital Planning

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