A Process Energy Assessment is a key factor in any continuous improvement program within a manufacturing environment. Identifying and eliminating energy waste is one of the greatest impact initiatives a business can undertake to increase profitability, productivity and reduce operating costs. Our Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) and Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) perform custom process assessments that profile energy usage, establish baselines, and identify pragmatic and sustainable energy reduction opportunities for manufacturing, industrial, agricultural and other business processes. Assessments include evaluation of systems and processes such as compressed air, process cooling towers, paint sludge processing, food processing, grain drying, and inspection and quality control lighting.

Energy Sciences can customize your assessments based on need, budget and time. With that in mind, we offer a host of Process Energy Assessment services including:

  • Process Energy Inventory and Mapping

  • Process Water Surveys

  • Waste Heat Studies

  • Process Cooling Assessments

  • Process Lighting Assessments

  • Agricultural Studies

  • Custom Surveys and Assessments

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